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Heiwa Foundation will organize 10th Year commemoration of Japan Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami with NPO Tomoshibi Project (from Migyagi - Iwate) on Thursday, March 11, 2021 at 8PM (New York, Eastern time) by zoom as well as facebook live.

ID:721 322 0635

Please prepare two candles to be lit during the memorial.

Japan Tōhoku Earthquake and Tsunami which included a humanitarian crisis, environmental crisis(Fukushima nuclear plant) and massive economic impacts, happened 10 years ago. The disaster created over 300,000 refugees in the Tōhoku region of Japan, and resulted in shortages of food, water, shelter, medicine and fuel for survivors. Estimated 20,000 deaths (confirmed and unconfirmed).

Program includes:
Interfaith Prayer: Rev. Hifumi Katayama(Shinto), Rabbi Joseph Potasnik(Jewish), Guruji Dileepkumar Thankappan (Hindu), Ven. Kondanna(Buddhist), Rev. Chloe Breyer(Christian), Imam Muhammad Shahidullah(Muslim)
Speakers: Yoshihiro Oshimizu (Hoku Hoku Kai, NY), Chizuko Niikawa-Helton (NY Akita Sake Club), Ven. Ryoki Sato (Togen-ji Zen Temple in Iwate).
Musicians: Shinji Harada, Manami Hattori, Heiwa Peace Band.
Greetings: Heiwa Peace & Reconciliation Foundation of NY (Rev. Dr. TK Nakagaki) Tomoshibi Project (Keiichi Sugiura).
Maser of Ceremony: Chris Davey

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