About Us...


Heiwa [hey-wa] Peace & Reconciliation Foundation of New York Ltd. supports annual Hiroshima & Nagasaki peace events in August, promotes awareness of issues relating to the proliferation of nuclear weapons, and general issues in relation to war, conflict and violence, with the intent of taking a proactive approach based upon Eastern religions to create a peaceful world. The Foundation works to give life to the wish for peace.

It creates and supports programs related to peace and reconciliation at the grassroots level, so that ordinary people will learn to live peacefully with compassion and love, transforming violence in our society to peace.


“Heiwa平 和 ,” is a Japanese word that combines two Chinese characters, “Hei 平” (equality, balance, referring to inner peace) and “Wa 和” (peace, harmony, referring to outer peace) is the foundation’s central principle and practice.